Textile Division

Our company is one of the biggest process houses in India. The process house has the state-of-art machinery for processing quality fabric. MORE

Steel Division

The company has undertaken manufacturing sponge iron as the nucleus for setting up a wholly Integrated Steel Plant.

HR Philosophy

At JCL, we firmly believe that every person, involved directly or indirectly, contributes to the success of organization. We look for people who move from strategising to executing work. We require our employees to constantly strive towards individual growth, along with the overall growth of the organisation. We need our people to follow the business goals and have them draft out individual goals for themselves which are then aligned to support the big picture.

Our employees are empowered to take independent, commercially aware decisions. We want you to be cognizant of the commercial context in which we operate and to have an idea of who our major competitors are, together with an understanding of the political and economic issues affecting the organisation and its development.

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