Textile Division

Our company is one of the biggest process houses in India. The process house has the state-of-art machinery for processing quality fabric. MORE

Steel Division

The company has undertaken manufacturing sponge iron as the nucleus for setting up a wholly Integrated Steel Plant.


Textile Division – Process Flowsheet

A brief description about the process and steps involved in the textile division for the processing of synthetic fabrics is as follows:

1. Grey Cloth Checking

The processing of fabric starts with the checking of Grey fabric for verification of length, width, oil stains, weaving defects etc. This is carried out manually on the checking tables.

2. Heat Setting

It is carried out for dimensional stability, increasing resistance and fettling preventions. This process is carried out on stenters. During this fabric the fabric is passed through various chambers of the stenter, where it is tempered at about 150-200 degree centigrade temperature for 30-40 seconds.

3. Dyeing / Scouring

It is carried out to impart the desired colours according to the specifications from customers. The process is carried out on jet dyeing machine for dyeing of polyester and on jiggers for viscous dyeing. The fiber dyed synthetic is subjected to scouring to remove the stains, colours and other undesirable particles on it. This is carried out oil dyeing Jiggers in caustic soda/liquid detergent and hot water.

4. Stretching

In order to dimensionally set the fabric, it is passed through the stenter/drying range.

5. Singeing

The fabric is passed through the carbonless blue flame on the singeing machine for burning the tuffs, which fuzz up during the weaving operation. The fabric is passed through this flame at a predetermined speed.

6. Finishing and Decatising

The dyed and processed fabric is treated with resins to give finish and usual appeal. The finished fabric is then passed with the thick wrapper cloth and steam is injected on the fabric in open Decatising machine to remove excessive shining and improve the luster of the fabric.

7. Folding and Packing

The Finished fabric is finally folded in meter Unit on folding machines in lump condition. The lump of the finished fabric is then finally packed in the polythene bag with an identification tag for dispatch.

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