Textile Division

Our company is one of the biggest process houses in India. The process house has the state-of-art machinery for processing quality fabric. MORE

Steel Division

The company has undertaken manufacturing sponge iron as the nucleus for setting up a wholly Integrated Steel Plant.

Group Company

JPL Industries Limited

JPL Industries Limited was originally incorporated as Sulzem Syncotex Pvt. Ltd. on 5th May 2000. The company was taken over by Mr. Raghunath Mittal and Mr. Lalit Babel. On 22nd September 2005 the company was converted to a public limited company with the name JPL Industries Limited.

JPL is into the manufacturing and marketing of fabrics. JPL Industries is primarily engaged into the processing of fabrics on job basis for Janki Corp Ltd. apart from its own marketing network. The Janki Corp Ltd under the brand name “JPL” markets the fabrics processed by JPL Industries Limited. Presently, JPL manufacture around 2 million meters of fabrics every month.

Board of Directors

The board of directors of company comprises of the following directors:

Mr. Raghunath Mittal
Mr. Lalit Kumar Babel
Mr. Rahul Mittal

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